Welcome Letters 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I welcome all participants and guests of the 9th Mangistau Regional Oil, Gas and Infrastructure Exhibition.

Today, as in past years, the oil and gas industry has been a leader in attracting investment in its various sectors. In the field of oil and gas in Kazakhstan, the leading international consortia and companies are present, and cooperation is expending to a inter-regional level.

The region of Mangistau is one of the strategically important regions of Kazakhstan, which has huge potential. Development of cross-border cooperation zones and transportation nodal points is one of the priorities of the region's economic policy.

We hope that the annual exhibition in Aktau will give a new impetus to the development of the region, opening up new perspectives for the effective interaction of domestic and foreign professionals within the oil and gas industry. I express the hope that the exhibition will provide the most favourable conditions for constructive dialogue between potential partners and government representatives.

I hope you have a productive time and gain profitable contracts.

U. S. Karabalin
First Vice Minister of Energy
Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Dear exhibitors of the Mangystau Oil, Gas and Infrastructure Exhibition,

I would like to welcome you on behalf of KazMunayGas national company.

The annual Mangystau Regional Oil, Gas and Infrastructure Exhibition always reinforces its status as an effective platform for business communication between specialists from Kazakhstan and abroad, and for the review of the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry. The promotion of the Mangystau Region, which has always been presented at the exhibition and which contains the oldest key enterprises of KazMunayGaz group is especially important for our company and the oil and gas sector of the country, as well as the whole national economy.

Sections of the exhibition that present modern development in geology and geophysics, oil industry services, increase in energy efficiency and the implementation of environmental projects and programmes are especially relevant today.

Considering the importance of these events for the exhcnage of experience between oil and gas industry professionals and the further development of the industry and the region, KazMunayGaz always provides official support to the exhibition and continues to be actively involved in it.

I am sure that this meeting in Aktau will bring great results for all of the exhibitors. I wish you all a productive time at the exhibition.

Sauat Mynbaev
Chairman of the Board


Dear Exhibitors of the 9th Mangystau Oil, Gas and Infrastructureakim mang logo
2014 regional exhibition,

The Mangystau regional exhibition has become a tradition for our region. The wide range of origin and annual growth in the number of exhibitors are
a definite demonstration of the stable interest towards the development of our region.

Today, it is well known to representatives of the business community, including those far outside Kazakhstan, that Mangystau is one of the most rapidly developing regions in the country with great potential for the future.

Naturally, the basis of the economy for the region is the oil and gas sector, which is why all of the large projects developed and implemented in the region are oriented towards it.

The region is prepared to participate in all of the large projects in the oil and gas industry, both in the supply of goods and services and the provision of qualified technical engineering as well as working personnel and the development of infrastructure.

Cooperation of this kind shows great prospects for national and foreign companies to work together on the introduction of new projects and technologies.

I would like to wish all visitors and exhibitors at the exhibition great results and success in their business activities.

A. S. Aidarbayev
Akim of Mangystau Region


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